School Rules

Five Principles of Conduct / Five Rules of Our School

1. Effort

Effort is the number one rule of our academies. It means to work hard and to never give up. In the academy and outside, students and instructors alike must put forth 100% effort in every endeavor.

2. Respect

Respect is one of the founding principles of martial arts training. To honor others as well as oneself is important in all aspects of training. One should demonstrate respect in all words and actions in the dojo.

3. Loyalty

This is the most important rule to our instructors. As they have devoted some (or most) of their lives to the martial arts, they strive to be loyal to all of their students and people who have placed their trust in them. Students should try to show loyalty to their instructors, dojo family, and chosen system at all times.

4. Self Control

The ability to govern ones words and actions is one of the most valuable skills attained from martial arts training. Students and instructors alike should strive to be in constant control of their words and actions when interacting with others inside and outside the dojo and in everyday life.

5. Discipline

Discipline can come from within and from without. It is a motivating factor in helping us in our endeavors in training and in bettering ourselves as martial artists as well as human beings. Discipline yourself and the need for exterior discipline will gradually fade away.